Rück- und Ausblick von David Geschrieben Januar 28, 2014 von Rebekka Siegwart



David (links) spricht über GOA

Liebe GOA Schweiz – Freunde

Während es bei euch wieder kälter ist, ist hier der Hochsommer eingekehrt. Die Sonne brennt schon morgens unbarmherzig auf die Hauptstadt nieder und jeder vorbeifahrende Bus wirbelt riesige Staubwolken auf. Ich habe meine Aufträge in Burundi, Rwanda und Uganda abgeschlossen und bin wieder zurück in Kenia. Ich verbringe die letzten Tage noch hier in Nairobi, um meine Arbeiten abzuschliessen, bevor es am Donnerstag wieder ab zu euch in die Schweiz geht. Wie schön, dass ich viele von euch schon bald wieder sehen darf!

Gestern haben wir als GOA hier in Kenia unser Jahr 2013 evaluiert und nach der Sitzung hat mir David Thagana, der Leiter von GOA folgendes Email geschickt, welches ich gerne mit euch teilen möchtet, damit auch ihr seht, woher wir kommen und wohin wir gehen.

Eure Rebekka

„Dear Rebekka

On behalf of GOA family around the world, please pass our appreciate to all our friends and partners in Switzerland for their commitment and generosity in the past year 2013.Our report of your giving is available in the GOA website. We are already praising God for GOA Switzerland breaking record of the highest monthly donation ever this past December.

Over the last year, our supporters have helped GOA to reach 80,000 people in 5 Eastern African Countries with our four vision areas: Church Growth, Compassion, Peace Building/Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Development Ministries. Combined it is a total of 15 million people since 1991.  Thank you for taking an interest and being involved with GOA over the past years.


Mit einem unserer Babies…

Today we have 48.3 million orphans in Africa of which 14.8 million orphaned by HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa.  A population of 417,807,000 people in Africa from 1268 groups are unreached/least Reached with the good news.  Millions of Africans are living either as Internally displaced persons or on asylum outside their nation resulting from war, political instability or related causes.  In my view leadership vacuum is the cause of most of the African crisis. 

We partner with our supporters and investors to help us continue to reach the needy with food, home, education, medication, clothing, Peace, excellence in leadership, governance and management practices and  the gospel.

GOA theme for 2014 is; Empowerment for GOA sustainable Development until maturity GOA 5 year strategic plans have a focus on income generating projects as a sustainable way of funding the GOA vision in a situation of dwindling funding.  GOA 5 year plans and specific project proposals from the plans are available for your consideration. 


David mit einigen von unseren Waisenkindern

We are confident that together, we can reach our goal of 20 million people by 2018 with the good news, improve the quality of life, promote peace and excell in Leadership.

May God bless you all,

Bishop David Thagana“

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